Writing, I thank you

I had a hard time at school, I was bullied, verbally attacked and just out right pushed against my limits. I was easy to anger, was not able to fight back or even verbally respond. I only knew about three negative words, one being a swear word, but that did not help. I did not know how to deal with the abuse, the emotions building up and exploding into verbal outbursts that would land me in detention.

I was a foreigner in another land, an outsider. I did not fit in with anyone. I would surround myself with books, once I had a handle on reading. When I discovered the genre of fantasy and science fiction, my mind took that as a solace world, where I could vanish.

In times of bullying, I would regress into my own world to cope. This lasted years before I came to secondary school and a teacher showed me poetry and creative writing. She told me to write a story, write what I thought about, write about the worlds I vanished into.

I wrote my feelings into expressions and then into a free verse. I showed the teacher and she asked if I had found the poem, when I told her of the design she just told me to keep writing.

Since that day, any time I felt crushing against my own anxiety, any time my panic attacks got the better of mine, my stress relief was writing. So I have thought about posting all my work here as I go on.