Air Gear Fanfic : Chapter 1

The Beginning?

It was a calm and gentle morning. The sun crept over the horizon and warmed up all the animals from their slumber. This day would be wonderful for everyone. Not a cloud in the sky, beautiful sunshine and a cool wind.

High school had just finished two days ago which meant all the teenagers would be going off to the beaches, parks, forests and foreign places.

The only thing most teenagers would not go are quarries. No one goes there and nothing can stay long there. That is why it is a perfect location to hide a large underground base. Hundreds of complex tunnels lay underground, a hundred or more metres downwards. There were 2 large hall sized cuboids over four hundred metres deep underground and only one or two tunnels were connected to them.

Only the people who lived in these tunnels or the person who constructed them would know how to manoeuvre around underground.

In the middle of the quarry where old junk piled up and sand was blown everywhere stood an old grandfather clock. This was larger that the ones you would see in antique shops. An average sized person could step into it and stand upright.

It was ticking. The hour hand was closing near to ten o’clock in the morning. The minute hand moved second by second until the chime came on. It went on ten times and then stopped. It began ticking again. Another sound was heard from the wind. It was a melody, a lullaby or a musical sonnet.

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