Poem #4; We are humans?

In the modern world
Humans interact with humans

They are many different types of humans

Colours, religion and gender

But do not forget.

That humans are not the only things that are different

Do not forget the animals

We are also animals, but we have evolved from the simple monkey

Into the human we are now.

This evolution may be good but also is bad

Because of our evolution we have become more aggressive and warlike.

We have caused death and destruction to the world and its inhabitants.

But the good in our evolution is that we have brains to stop our bad habits
We could stop poisoning the air we breath

We can stop killing the animals of the world

We can create cures to battle the viruses that are in the world.

They are only few of humans who wish to use the world to their pleasure

They have no guilt of what they do

They will pay when they see their consequences

But when I ask you, when?



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