Air Gear Fanfic : Chapter 1

The Beginning?

It was a calm and gentle morning. The sun crept over the horizon and warmed up all the animals from their slumber. This day would be wonderful for everyone. Not a cloud in the sky, beautiful sunshine and a cool wind.

High school had just finished two days ago which meant all the teenagers would be going off to the beaches, parks, forests and foreign places.

The only thing most teenagers would not go are quarries. No one goes there and nothing can stay long there. That is why it is a perfect location to hide a large underground base. Hundreds of complex tunnels lay underground, a hundred or more metres downwards. There were 2 large hall sized cuboids over four hundred metres deep underground and only one or two tunnels were connected to them.

Only the people who lived in these tunnels or the person who constructed them would know how to manoeuvre around underground.

In the middle of the quarry where old junk piled up and sand was blown everywhere stood an old grandfather clock. This was larger that the ones you would see in antique shops. An average sized person could step into it and stand upright.

It was ticking. The hour hand was closing near to ten o’clock in the morning. The minute hand moved second by second until the chime came on. It went on ten times and then stopped. It began ticking again. Another sound was heard from the wind. It was a melody, a lullaby or a musical sonnet.

It was being hummed calmly and gently by a person. The melody stopped and it was traced back to the person. The person was a young adult, near the age of 17. He had silver white hair which covered his right eye. His eyes were icy blue that if you gazed into them, you would feel a terrible chill.

He had plain skin and a scar going down and across his left eye. He was neither fat nor thin. From far away he looked like a weakling. But up close he was frightening.

The young adult rubbed his forehead with his hand and they raised his head up to the sky. He breathed in and then out. He walked towards the grandfather clock whilst kicking up some sand and pebbles.

He finally stopped at the standing still clock and knocked on the face of the clock. The door opened of the clock and he stepped in. It would be very strange for a person to step into a grandfather clock.

But one second he was inside the not so big clock and the other vanished into thin air.

Truth be told, it was impossible to vanish into thin air, it was theoretically impossible. In reality, he did not vanish, just fell through the ground. There were one to four tunnels that connected to the ground around the grandfather clock. He spiralled downwards, a small tube. There was no space for standing up, the only thing was to let the tunnel take you to the place you wanted to be.

For any other person, this would be frightening, plummeting down through a tunnel at increasing speed and taking about 25 seconds. But for this young adult this was a daily routine. Also the person would have to stop at a specific time to find the exit which was hidden normally.

The young adult stopped only after 23.8 seconds of falling. He hit the wall of the tunnel with his knuckle and it open. He walked through the opening and closed the hole behind him.

He landed from the opening onto a concrete floor. It was only 5 feet low from the opening. He brushed off dust of his trousers and turned right. He kept on walking down the corridor. It used to be a tunnel that pushed water to the reservoir. Now, all the water had dried up and the corridor’s walls had a fresh flower scent since he had moved in.

He kept on going for a few more minutes until he reached a dead end. There was no sign or clue indicating that there was a door in the wall. Nothing was escaping the wall so it meant there was no room behind it.

But the young adult moved his open palm over the smooth wall. It was a cold feeling. He stopped in the upper right corner of the wall and tapped with his index finger twice. He then used his other hand’s index finger to tap on the upper left corner.

He put his hands back behind his back and stepped back two steps.

There was a sound of clockwork machinery coming to life. A perfect rectangular shaped slab opened up from the wall. There was a soft gentle gust of wind which ruffled the young adult’s hair. He pushed his hair back across half his face.

He stepped forward and walked through the rectangular opening and as he walked in, he closed the door behind him in the process.

He opened his eyes and scanned the room. It was closer to a large hall than a room. Its walls were coloured and wallpapered with the sea, the countryside, space, desolate wastelands; volcanoes and mountains. The floor was a furnished wooden plated floor with small carpets made out of artificial grass.

There was a second floor but in this room it was only noticeable by the five balconies that stood connected to the wall.

On each balcony there was a door. No the ordinary ones you see in your home or in any other building. Above each door there was a metal or wooden plate which had some ancient symbols written on them.

Now, these doors, the first one just above the entrance door was wooden and just above the young adult’s height.

The name plate was dark silver in colour and the engraved letters were in red.

It read, in old Tibetan-Mayan language which had been extinct for over 2000 years;

“Exodus Zelzazaes,” it read. The other rooms were more peculiar. One was a metal slab, the other, was made out of artificial grass, the third one was made from a clear metal made to resemble water and the last one was red and blue.

Exodus walked across the room to a large painting of the countryside with a forest and lake around it. Light grey mountains and the sun in the background.

He brushed the side of the painting with an open hand. He stopped brushing and lowered his hand to the bottom left corner of the painting.

It had an emblem of a lion’s head. He pushed the emblem with his finger.

Something clicked and the painting split in two to reveal a screen behind it.

The screen lit up with a virtual music player. It came up with two options; choose or random. Exodus scanned his hand over to the random and gently touched the surface.

The screen became blank, but then was replaced with an image of the sea. A melody came on and it was a gentle song, meant to slowly wake up people, instead of the usual loud alarm clocks.

At that instance after the melody came, all the four doors opened up. Out of three of them came out thin teenage boys. The fourth one was not bigger or fatter, but he had a lot of muscles on his upper and lower body.

All four looked tired, but when they turned their gaze to Exodus they straightened up and stood still.

The first one spoke.

“Michael Quarin, aka Poseidon,” he said in a simple tone. He had silver blue hair and dark blue eyes which was a rare thing to see in Japan. He was not Japanese he was from the land of America. Born in California and studied in Japan.

The second person who exited his room, had dark purple hair, and golden crimson eyes, he was 6ft 2.

“Sepharim Blackhurst aka Hell Runner” he said is a care free way.

The third person who came out was the tallest out of the three. He had blood red hair and clear green eyes. He stood 6ft 3

“Lucifer Aquanos, Aka Blaze” he said in a lazy tone.

The fourth one who came out was tall and muscular. He was from first glance classified the strongest out of the four. He had long black hair and was wearing a hat on his head with large headphones. His skin was a little tanned

“Jerome Alask, aka DJ” he said in a low tone.

“Good morning to you too,” said Exodus in a casual tone. He walked from the painting and to his own room.

“Twenty minutes maximum, last one is cooking,” he said and looked at each of his teammates.

He climbed up the stairs to his room and walked into the room. The other four did the same and closed their doors behind them silently.

Exodus’ room was very simple; it was neither big nor small. It was considered the largest out of the five rooms. It had wooden floorboards and the walls where painted with the landscapes of the world; the great ocean, the fields, the mountains and the setting of the horizon. His ceiling was painted with the constellations of the night sky.

He walked over to his bed and unbuttoned his shirt. Once all the buttons were undone he took it off and placed it onto his bed. He walked towards another door on the east wall. He opened to reveal a bathroom behind it. He walked to the sink and looked into the mirror. He sighed. He closed the door.

About 8 minutes later, he came out drying his hair with a towel. He finished drying his hair, and walked over to his bamboo wardrobe. He opened the doors and took out a dark red shirt and a Hawaiian shirt. He put each one on and looked in the mirror. He nodded to himself and walked over to the outside door. He opened and walked out closing the door behind him in the process.

As he walked out he found his four teammates sitting on the sofas in the middle of the room around a pentagon table. He walked towards a wooden pillar which had some sort of rectangular paper stuck to it. He moved closer, and it was revealed to be a calendar. The Date today was the 5th of July. There was some sort of symbol on the date. It looked like the head of a kitten. Exodus turned round and looked at Sepharim. Sepharim looked at his back and exhaled deeply. He stood up from his chair and walked around the table past Exodus and towards another part of the large room. It had cupboards, a marble table, a washing machine, two sinks and a fridge. It was the kitchen; it has been placed in the room so comfortably.

He walked to the fridge and opened the black smooth door. He opened it for a minute or so. As he closed it, he was holding a few things. He placed the objects onto the marble surface. The objects were; a carton of eggs, milk, bread, bacon and cheese. He looked at the ingredients and then looked to Lucifer

“Yo, Luc, can you set the table and make the drinks?” he asked him. Lucifer nodded and stood up from his seat. He walked over to the kitchen cupboards and opened the one just above his head. He took out five identical plates, and cutlery. He closed the door and walked over to the pentagon table. He began to set the table. Jerome, Michael and Exodus were not being lazy but were actually doing some sort of hobby. Jerome was figuring out how to complete a rubix cube, Michael was shaking a magic 8 ball and Exodus was reading a small black book.

After just 12 minutes, Sepharim brought the food. It was French toast with Bacon with cheese on the side. Lucifer brought five cups of drinks; two black coffees, two black teas and one red tea. Exodus put away his book, as did Michael and Jerome. Lucifer and Sepharim sat down and smiled at the sight and smell of the food.

“Now we feast,” said Jerome and stuffed his face with the food. Sepharim and Michael lightly began eating; Exodus and Michael nodded to each other and also began to eat.

After minutes of eating, each member finished their food and placed their cutlery onto their plates.

Exodus looked to Jerome, who left the table. He came back holding a small portable computer.

“Today’s news is that we have been sent a request to battle” said Jerome. Sepharim looked up.

“Who is the challenger?” he asked.  Jerome looked at the screen again.

“Well … There is not one but five teams who have grouped together and have requested to battle each of us,” he finally said. Sepharim looked at the other four members and smiled. Exodus stood up and cleared the table. He came back a minute later.

“Get dressed, we are going to battle today, Jerome are they A rank teams?” he asked. Jerome nodded.

“Yes, two of them are A rank and the other three are B rank,” he answered. Exodus clicked his fingers. Each member stood up and walked slowly to their rooms, closing their doors slightly.


On the surface of the quarry, the wind was picking up. The sand was carried on the wind and blown all over the quarry. The quarry now seemed like a miniature desert but with concrete walls. It was just noon, the sun rising towards the middle of the sky. The wind was a cool and strong wind. The temperature of the day was going to be around 12 C.

A chime was heard around the quarry. The large grandfather clock that stood in the middle of the quarry struck 12. The glass door opened and young adult stepped up. It was the same young adult that had stepped in two hours earlier.

Exodus refocused his eyes around the quarry. He checked no one was watching him or this quarry. He walked away from the grandfather clock. After twenty steps he stopped and turned round. He was wearing his white linen shirt, with a dark silver jacket. He wore his usual dark silver jeans and his black trainers.

He rolled up his right sleeve and looked at his watch. It was a prototype Casio, customized for him and his friends. He pressed a green dial on the right side of the watch. A high pitched frequency was sounded from the watch. It stopped and the frequency was heard from somewhere else.

The sound flowed on the wind and it appeared to be coming from a large sand mound. At the bottom of the mound, the sand in one region was rising upwards. Something silver sparkled in the sunlight. More silver appeared under the sand, with more sand parting for it.

It was a hidden entrance in the sand mound. It opened and there was darkness inside. A small faint light came on and three figures rushed out.

As they were two metres from the mound, the silver began to disappear and the sand began to hide it once again. The figures rushed towards Exodus. Sepharim was wearing vintage clothing including top hat; it included, black trousers, white shirt and black jacket, black shoes and white gloves. He was ready. Michael walked to the side of Sepharim. Michael was wearing his usual blue surfing shirt with a light blue linen shirt over it; he also wore blue jeans and dark blue shoes.

Lucifer walked and stopped by Sepharim. He was wearing darkened trousers, a yellow shirt with a black jacket. His trainers were just customized with flames.

“Jerome will meet us at the Worm Hole,” said Sepharim. Exodus nodded and put on his sunglasses. Lucifer put a hat over his head, Michael covered half his face with a hood and Sepharim put his hair back in a bun.

All four of them looked forward. The sun shined down on them from behind. They looked at each other and one moment they were there, the next there was only dust.



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